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The Role Of a Birth Doula

What Is a Birth Doula?

A birth Doula is a professional birth companion trained in childbirth. Doulas support labouring women and their birthing partner through the process of labour, birth and the immediate postnatal period. Birth Doulas are able to provide physical measures of comfort, advocacy, psychological and informational support during childbirth. The Doulas purpose is to serve the needs of her clients: she will help you to achieve a safe, empowering and positive birthing experience. 


The Benefits Of Hiring a Birth Doula

Research shows that having the support of a Birth Doula:


  • Reduces the risk of Caesarean birth 

  • Reduces risk of instrumental birth

  • Reduces the rate of induction of labour

  • Reduces the need for medicalised pain relief 

  • May help shorten your labour

  • May help birth partners participate with confidence

  • Increases the likelihood of breastfeeding successfully

  • Increases parental satisfaction of the birth experience

What Methods Of Support Does a Birth Doula Offer?

  • Physical Support 

This includes physical measures of comfort to support you during your labour. For example, breathing and relaxation techniques, active birthing positions, massage and methods of natural pain management.

  • Emotional Support 

A Doula will nurture you and your birthing partner through your labour and birth experience. Your Doula will explore the process of childbirth with you and help to eliminate any fears or anxiety that you may have regarding the birth. 

  • Advocacy 

A Birth Doula will act as a mediator and advocate on your behalf for your birthing choices; she may liase with medical staff, explain medical procedures and terms to ease the communication between yourself and healthcare professionals providing your care. 

  • Support For Your Birth Partner

The Doulas role includes providing care and support to the birth partner. Doulas continuously offer psychical and emotional methods of comfort and support; utilizing her skills to work collectively with the birth partner to enhance the care of the labouring woman.  

  • Evidenced Based Knowledge

Birth Doulas offer evidenced-based research and information; this enables parents to make informed decisions and take control of their maternity care.