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The Doula Package

What Is Included In This Package?

  • An Introductory Meeting

This provides an opportunity to truly understand what you may be seeking from a Doula, as well as exploring any questions that you may have.

  • 3 antenatal meetings with you and your birth partner

This will enable us to build a genuine connection/friendship​​. This may include accompanying you to an antenatal appointment upon request

  • A Dual qualified Doula & Breastfeeding Counsellor 

Providing specialist infant feeding support and knowledge, such as colostrum harvesting, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, combination feeding or expressing your breastmilk. 

  • Together create your birth plan

We will explore your birthing options, your heart's desires and any concerns that you may have regarding the birth ​​

  • Your Doula will be available for unlimited contact via telephone, text or email from the start of your contract up until your baby is 6 weeks of age

  • Private pregnancy yoga session (via zoom or in person)

  • Your Doula will be on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week from your 38th week of pregnancy up until your baby is born. 

(or as agreed e.g. with a multiple pregnancy)

  •  Support with packing your hospital bags

  • Support and guidance practising active birth positions, relaxation and breathing techniques ​​

  • Support to safely apply essential oils during labour with a Doula qualified in aromatherapy suitable for childbirth. 

  • Your Doula will stay with you for the full duration of your birth and a few hours postnatally.  ​

  • Birth photography (Optional)

  • A postnatal meeting to reflect on your birth experience and discuss any further support that you may require.​

Travel expenses included 

(Except congestion charges which will be invoiced separately)

Birth package total - £1200

Clients are welcome to pay by installments via a payment plan

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